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January 2015 | Pure South

31 year old David grew up with a chef for a father. It follows that the native Glaswegian has a passion for cooking from a young age and has been around kitchens since the age of 14.

David’s classic training comes from 3 prestigious Scottish kitchens including ‘The Three Chimneys’, ‘Brian Maule @ Le Chardon D’Or’ and the famous, Michelin starred ‘Number One Restaurant’ at the Balmoral Hotel.

It was here that the young sous chef, still only in his mid-twenties, stepped in to the head chef role and maintained the Michelin Star before setting off for Australia.

David recalls a fond memory from his early cooking days in Scotland..

2003 on the remote Isle of Skye, midnight, dinner service is finished in the well-drilled kitchen of ‘The Three Chimneys’ and the young chefs are waiting still for the best part of the day. The lobster boat crew are due to arrive with the fresh and live catch that will inform the menu for the morrow. 18-year-old chef David Hall is among them; he is learning an appreciation for brilliant produce and gaining a passion for the chef’s craft. David understands the relationship between the kitchen and the fisherman, the farmer, the catch, the provedore.

David’s memory is revisited in Pure South Dining’s relationship with lobster fishermen on King Island, and at Stanley on Tasmania’s wild north coast. But, also in the daily chat and trade with farmers and fishermen around Tasmania,
King Island & Flinders Island.

We welcome David, his enthusiasm and his energy. Pure South Dining’s authentic story of respect for provenance and ethical, sustainable produce is familiar to David. The working relationship with farmers and fishermen is immediately natural; this is how David learnt his craft.

“Such beautiful fresh produce has come into the kitchen in my first week, especially the seafood. I am delighted to be working with such great farmers and fishermen. I really enjoy the Pure South Dining story, and I am looking forward to writing the next chapter with the team” says David.

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