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Pure South Dining has forged a reputation for offering a beautiful dining experience based on stunning produce from King Island, Flinders Island and Tasmania since 2004.

Our elegant dining lives on in the Upstairs Dining Room, but we have ‘opened the doors wider’ by offering a more casual and unplanned dining experience at Pure South Kitchen on the River Level. The heart of our offer to you is still the stunning produce and informed, intelligent service. This is a modern Melbourne eatery that draws inspiration from Farmers, Fishermen and Artisan Producers.

We visit the Tasmanian ‘pure south’ regularly to enhance the menu that we offer you. The solid relationships that we have built with farmers and fishermen over the years ensure the quality of the produce that we put on the plate for you and your guests. Small planes deliver produce from Tasmania and the islands several times per week.

King Island Beef, St Helens oysters, scallops, seafood and dairy are delivered weekly by small planes from Tasmania and the islands.

You will dine in the heart of Melbourne on the Southbank Boardwalk with views over the River to the city.

Meet Our Family (Suppliers)

King Island Beef is proudly sourced from cattle raised exclusively on King Island that meet our strict criteria for grading in order to guarantee the highest possible standards of eating quality. Free range cattle thrive on rolling green hills of grass that are protected by the craggy coastline of this unique island that is famed for its fresh produce.

The clean, natural and pristine farming environment of King Island is perfect for producing tender, juicy and full flavoured beef that is unlike any other.

Before any beef can be deemed worthy of wearing the King Island Beef brand, it is subject to rigorous selection criteria that starts with partnering only with handpicked farmers who meet the stringent demands of the JBS Farm Assurance Program.

Guy Robinson is a fifth generation Tasmanian farmer.

Anvers Chocolate is from the traditional dairy country of Tasmania’s north coast, uses only local fresh Tasmanian milk direct from the farm. Pure South Dining Chefs have collaborated with Anvers since 2004. Anvers creator is the Master Chocolatier
from Antwerp, Belgium, Igor Van Gerwen.
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Jon Healy started Pyengana Dairy Company in 1992 as a venture to value-add to his family’s farm. The beginnings of success came when a cheese wholesaler in Melbourne bought some of the cheese at a tourism event and entered it in a show where it won an award. The resulting national publicity drove demand for Pyengana cheese and production has been continually growing since.
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Developed by Michael & Jan Hardy in the late 1970’s from the fertile waters of Bass Stait. The Hardy’s are a fishing family who are now into the 5th generation based at Stanley in Tasmania’s far north west.
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Red Cow Organics is located on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania, on the edge of the Tarkine, the second largest expanse of cool temperate rainforest in the world.
A proud family operated business.

Thorpe Farm is run by the Bignell family in the central highlands of Tasmania

Nestled right beneath the Great Western Tiers, in the early morning sun (or rain, wind or hail), is where you will find our farmers, tending to their Lamb of Tasmania stock.

Fourth generation cattle farmers John, Keith, Alex and Chauncey Hammond have been breeding Wagyu on Robbins Island since the early 1990’s. During the iconic seasonal musters, bands of horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas. 
Situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania, the island has a temperate climate, clean air and a pristine coastal environment. It provides the ideal foundation of nutrients prior to the cattle entering a grain-ration assisted program. 
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Craig Lockwood’s farm is in Moulting Bay near St Helens along the lush northeast corner of Tasmania. Lease 65 oysters are hand graded, carefully packed and delivered.

For Craig, growing oysters fuels his lifelong passion for seafood. Over the years Craig took up other careers but he was never suited to the office environment. Craig says, “I was always drawn back to the ocean”. When it comes to growing oysters, Craig is a bit fanatical, as he is forever in the pursuit of growing the perfect oyster. To Craig, growing oysters is a fine art.

The combinations of cold water and slow currents means it takes longer for the oysters to mature and grow resulting in a rich & clean tasting oyster.

Nichols Poultry was established in the early 1980s when founder Rob Nichols and his family emigrated from Leicestershire in England to Sassafras in Tasmania. The business has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected meat brands in Tasmania. Consumer research conducted in 2016 demonstrated that consumers trust Nichols to be a source of high quality chicken.
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Scottsdale Pork is a family owned business and has been operating from Tasmania’s north-east for over 20 years.
Scottsdale is a rural town situated in the heart of north-east Tasmania’s rich agricultural, dairying and forestry region. 

On the farm at Scottsdale Pork they run three pig breeds – Duroc, Large White and Landrace. The boars (fathers) are pure bred Duroc and the sows (mothers) are half Large White and half Landrace.

You might now be asking – why three breeds? The reason is simple – the three different breeds crossed with each other, result in pork meat with the best tenderness.
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Eddie Hanslow’s farmhouse is on a picture-perfect green hill, down a dead-end country lane near Scottsdale in North-East Tasmania.

The pastures run downhill to a crystal-clear creek and the native forest beyond. Free-range gamebirds feed in his veggie patch and the creek beds.

Eddie has been sending beautiful produce to our kitchen since 2004. Quail, pheasant, duck, spatchcock and currently excellent Guinea Fowl.


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To mark our 20th Birthday, Pure South Dining has launched a limited edition dinner series, ‘A Chef’s Tour of Tasmania’, running every Friday and Saturday night in July.

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