father's day sunday feast

Presented to you by Tasmania’s Best Farmers & Fishermen.
Start with the best produce from the best Farmers & Fishermen in the country.
Fine Dining chefs presenting premium comfort food from amazing produce.
The producers are named on the menu; because we know them and we want to acknowledge
their work as we present their amazing produce at the table.

A couple of premium roasts to choose from in a 3-course menu for families & friends.
A Warm room with the Winter sunlight streaming in the windows with a view down on the River and across to the City.

It is Sunday; and so priced for families & friends at $55.0 per person.

Oh no! You wont see dad on Father’s day?

Maybe send him a promise to catch up for lunch or dinner soon,

along with a surprise Pure South Dining gift voucher to get you out of trouble!

You know that will work, and it will take about 2 minutes online.

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