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Chefs On Tour - Flinders Island

January 2016 | Pure South

Recently we took the chefs out of the kitchen and headed south on a tour Tasmania and its islands to meet some of the farmers, fishermen, and artisan producers that supply our kitchen and are the backbone of our story. We’re going to share that story with you over the coming months. First stop: Flinders Island.

The chefs were collected at the Flinders Island airport at Whitemark by owner of Flinders Island Meat, David Madden. We picked him easily – he was the only one there.

A trip to Flinders Island is like a journey back in time to a slower paced world. David relaxed us with his farmer’s easy,
laconic way and soon we felt a long way from the hustle of a fast paced city kitchen.

Despite the grey sky, it was evident that spring had sprung at Flinders Island, and in the rolling green paddocks the fat new lambs are found around every corner. The farming here is all about quality over quantity and the old locals know their island pastures very well. They are excellent farmers with excellent farming conditions. David clearly knows who owns every paddock on the island and he knows their lambs. Our chefs are hanging on every word; Exec Chef David Hall is reminded of his Scottish home.

Along with selling the best Flinders Island meat, David also has the local butcher shop. There would be no sterner test for a butcher than selling the product back to the local farmers.

You cannot visit Flinders Island without visiting the most stunning cove: Trousers Point. The breathtaking orange lichen on the the rocks stops you in your tracks, and the beautiful, clear water draws your thoughts to world class Bass Strait seafood.

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