Covid-Safe House Policy

As a group, Pure South are taking every possible preventative measure to ensure that guests, staff and suppliers are protected from potential transmission of COVID-19.

Pure South Covid-Safe House Policy – VIC
Version 3 / 10.09.2020

Overarching Principle
All possible preventive measures are taken to ensure no transmission of the COVID-19 virus from Staff to/from Guest, Guest to Guest, Staff to Staff, and Contractor/Supplier to/from Staff.

Overarching Assumption
To ensure maximum precautions are always taken, presume all persons are asymptomatic with the COVID-19 virus at all times.

Key Preventative Measures

Covid-Safe Officer
For each shift, a trained Covid-Safe Officer is appointed for both FOH & BOH to oversee and enforce all Fink Covid-Safe House Policies

◦ Daily reporting and recording of staff attendance, staff temperatures, guest contact details and attendance, cleaning checks, visitors register.
◦ Daily reports and records to be kept on file for a minimum of 28 days.

Staff Training
◦ All staff to complete Pure South Covid-Safe House Policy training before commencing first shift back to work.
◦ Refresher Covid-Safe House Policy training to be completed at least once a month.
◦ Regular monitoring of Australian Govt Health websites to ensure the latest advice is taken into consideration.

◦ Sanitizer dispensers at restaurant entry/exit, outside guest bathrooms and staff bathrooms/changerooms, and staff work areas.
◦ Hand washing facilities readily available within guest bathrooms, staff bathrooms and staff work areas.
◦ Food menus: single use disposable food menus & QR code ordering.
◦ Beverage and wine menus: QR codes to access online lists, physical lists sanitized after each use.
◦ All staff to wash and sanitize hands prior to clocking in/out for all shifts and breaks.
◦ All staff to wash and sanitize hands before and after eating, sneezing, coughing, handling rubbish, handling guest glassware, crockery, or cutlery, handling cash, or receiving a delivery of goods.
◦ Where possible, all staff to wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds every 30 minutes.
◦ All staff to avoid skin-to-skin contact with guests and other staff, for example, no handshakes.
◦ All staff are to observe 1.5m social distancing whenever possible.

Restaurant Seating Configuration
◦ Ensure the premises is sufficient to allow for 4m² of space for each person, including staff.
◦ Ensure the premises is sufficient to allow for 4m² of space for each person, including staff.
◦ A distance of 1.5m required between bookings/tables, measured from the back of each chair.
◦ Maximum 10 guests per table.
◦ Table service only – no standing or bar service.

Cleaning & Sanitizing
◦ Staff and guest bathrooms – at 60 minute intervals – sanitizing of all surfaces.
◦ Tables/chairs – sanitize after each guest seating.
◦ Table condiments – on request only, sanitized after each use.
◦ EFTPOS terminals – sanitize after each use.
◦ Commercial dish and glass washers – wash cycle set to a minimum of 65-71 degrees, sanitization cycle 82 degrees.

◦ Electronic payment only accepted.
◦ Cash transactions – avoid where possible.

◦ Pure South Covid-Safe House Policy.
◦ Hand washing and sanitizing instructions.
◦ Social distancing instructions.
◦ COVID-19 symptoms information.
◦ Condition of Entry information.

Conditions of Entry
Entry denied if COVID-19 symptoms are evident or if the following conditions are not met.

◦ Confidential contact detail collection for ALL guests required upon entry (deleted after 28 days).
◦ All walk-in diners to provide host name, phone number and email address, recorded in reservations system.

◦ Staff are to stay home if they are sick or have symptoms and should go home if they become unwell

Delivery Drivers/ Sales Reps/ Tradesmen
◦ All non-staff/guest visitors who enter the premises to provide name and contact details, plus in and out time – recorded in the visitor register.